About me

-    2005–2010 graduate from the Center Conservatory of Music in Beijing, China;
-    2006 – “Evening outside Moscow” together with bariton Liao Changyong at Beijing Concert Hall;
-    2010 – 2014 study vocal in Italy, Scuola Musicale di Milano, during the summer holidays she joined masterclass courses at National Conservatory of Music in Vienna, Austria;
-    2014 – graduate from Beijing Central Conservatory of Music;
-    2015 – 2018 studying Kunqu opera in Hnagzhou, China.
-    2017 – she was invited to perform with CMS Ensemble at Mozart Hall;
-    2018 – performed in South Korea at Baekseok University Hall, Chopin Hall;
▪    Performed with Pitesti Philharmonic Orchestra in Piesti, Romania;
-    2019 – she participated at Europe Winter Tour 2019 with CMS Ensemble, concerts in Vienna – Austria, Opava, Olomouc and Pribor – Czech Republic.


•    2010 중국 베이징 Center Conservatory of Music 졸업,
•    2006 베이징 콘서트홀 바리톤 Liao Changyong과 “Evening outside Moscow"듀엣 공연,
•    2014 이탈리아 Scuola Musicale di Milano에서 수학, 오스트리아 비엔나,
National Conservatory of Music 마스트클래스 참가,
•    2014 중국 베이징 Central Conservatory of Music 졸업,
•    2015~2018 중국 항저우에서 Kunqu Opera 쿤취(崑曲) 수학,
•    2017 모차르트홀 초청 CMS Ensemble과 협연,
•    2018 한국 백석대학교에서 공연,
루마니아 Pitesti Philharmonic Orchestra와 피테슈티 쇼팽홀에서 협연.
•    2019 CMS Ensemble 과 유럽 겨울투어에 참여 하여 오스트리아 빈,
체코 오파바, 올로모츠, 프르지보르에서 공연.